What If There’s More? Discovering a Life of Radical Purpose – Joakim Hjortland

All men die, but few men ever live. To truly live is doing what you were born to do. What if Jesus has greater dreams and desires for you than your current Christian experience? The purpose of this book is to help you discover those dreams and equip you to reach your God-given potential. Expect to be encouraged. Inspired. Challenged. Expect to learn some beautiful, paradigm-shifting, life-transforming truths. Don’t be surprised if you, one day, will look back to this journey as the beginning of a lifelong adventure for which you are eternally grateful. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

“I have been extremely blessed reading ‘What If There’s More?’. Everything in this book is exactly what I would want to communicate to another person who has not experienced the beauty of Adventism.” – Andrew Park, President, GYC

“‘What If There’s More?’ provides thrilling glimpses at the dream of God for your life and is an irresistible invitation to aspire to new heights with Jesus.” – Anna Scheglov, Engineer and Former President, GYC Europe

“I wish every Adventist would read this book and catch the vision it conveys. It would no doubt result in the finishing of the work in this generation and the speedy return of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Henrik Jensen, Medical Doctor and co-founder of IMPACT Denmark


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At the age of 17, God drastically changed the direction of Joakim’s life. Since then, he has experienced a series of Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him. In addition to preaching and teaching the gospel in many different countries, Joakim has co-founded IMPACT Norway, IMPACT generation, the ASI Scandinavia Convention, and authored A Prophet for This Generation. Joakim loves to see God transform lives and firmly believes that He has great and exciting plans for His church, and its youth today. Currently, Joakim serves as the director of AFCOE Europe and the president of ASI Scandinavia


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NB: The first half of the book was previously printed under the name “The Christ Purposed Life”.


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