Pastor Doug Batchelor
“AFCOE is about learning while doing. Students do real work, in real communities, and with real people, bringing real results for the Master.”

Andreia, Romania
“This was the most powerful experience of my life!”

Nadja, Austria
“Excellent classes and real-life training which have had an incredible impact on my and my contacts’ lives! The blessing comes with the challenge – and God is now using me in ways I would never have expected.”

Kasper, Denmark
“Choosing to attend AFCOE Europe was surely one of the best decisions of my life! I really enjoyed it! And I believe the programme, especially the very interesting classes and the wonderful atmosphere in the group, helped me to know God better, to be more established in my faith in Him, and to have greater knowledge and courage in sharing Him with others for the rest of my life.”

Jennie, Sweden
“I have tears in my eyes when I think about how good God is to me for sending me here.”

Benjamin, Germany
“The program was a great blessing to me. I decided to get baptized. I decided to start doing Bible work myself and get involved in personal evangelism. I also decided that I want to get involved in doing tasks in my home church and try to implement tools for evangelism that I learned about (such as the evangelistic spiral).”

Given, Denmark
“The training course was excellent. I am beginning to gain confidence, which is something big for me. This experience inspired me to decide to share the gospel with all of my friends that show interest in it and commit my life fully to God and his work. I absolutely recommend this program!”

Mariana, Italy
“My dear family,

Four and a half months with you just flew. As somebody in the beginning rightly foresaw, this goes into the category ‘best periods of my life’ so far. Before coming to the mission school, I knew it would be a very beautiful experience but as I already mentioned, God gave me much more than I had even hoped for. He gave me nature, amazing friends, and a lot of Himself! It has been a great privilege for me to work and learn with and from you and to see God doing miracles among us. He is exceedingly good! I’m very thankful to the people He used in order to make it possible for me to attend this course. Also, a huge thanks to every person that contributed somehow to make this experience so special for me and for all my fellow students and precious friends. Now, rightly trained, may God use us powerfully in His honorable service!

I’ll miss you all a lot! I miss you already.❤”

Roger, Brazil
“I have indeed been blessed by learning from and working alongside people with much experience from the evangelistic field. What better place to be than at AFCOE Europe – where you learn practically how to be a good Bible worker? Why not come and join us?”