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All donations received by AFCOE-Europe for the work in Europe and Kenya are dedicated 100% to the purpose you designate! If you wish we will send you by e-mail information on exactly how your donation was used along with available photos. We ask that you pray earnestly that the Holy Spirit will go with your donation to the hearts of the people intended to be reached by your generosity!

Please help us in our ongoing effort to support this important Evangelistic Training!

Amazing Facts Europe e.V. 

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Worthy Student Fund for AFCOE-Europe/Portugal and Kenya

You can help sponsor a Student at AFCOE-Europe at either AFCOE-Europe in Portugal or in Rongo, Kenya. AFCOE-Europe receives no financial support from Amazing Facts, but depends fully on people who are dedicated to helping to build an “army of young people rightly trained” for the end time. Please designate if your donation is for students in Portugal or Kenya and we will provide you with information on the Student whom your generosity has helped to become a trained evangelist for Jesus!


AFCOE-Europe in Kenya/facilities

The living and instruction facilities of AFCOE-Europe in Rongo, Kenya were set up as temporary buildings so that the evangelistic training could start in early 2015. We plan to build permanent living quarters for young men and women, kitchen and an instruction room on the current site but need your help! Can you help us provide good facilities for the young people who are so dedicated to the Adventist message and are so eager to be disciples of Jesus to teach the Three Angels´ Messages to the people in Kenya and East Africa?


Outreach Materials (Portugal and Kenya)

The AFCOE-Europe Program focuses fully on Friendship Evangelism as Jesus showed us all through His ministry. A core part of the instruction is Outreach, on the street and door-to-door. This requires Outreach materials every day which may be shared and given to those whose hearts have been opened by the Holy Spirit. The materials include Bibles, books by Ellen White, GLOW tracts, Outreach booklets by Amazing Facts and others. We must put His word in the hands of people who do not know Him. Will you help us to plant the seeds of His salvation?



Technical Equipment (Kenya)

The evangelistic instruction given by AFCOE-Europe in Kenya is partly dependent on the technology which the Lord has placed in all of our hands for His work: while we are trying to increase the on-the-ground instruction in Rongo, sending instructors there from Europe and the US, the AFCOE classes in Europe are connected by live interactive internet with the students in Rongo enabling students in Kenya to interact with the instructors and students in Europe. This requires that we invest in technology to keep this working. We also provide “AFCOE-iPads” to the students in Europe, in which are downloaded the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy works, as well as Bible studies, all in several languages. The students use the AFCOE-iPads in class and in Outreach. Can you help us to buy AFCOE-iPads for the students to use during their evangelistic instruction in Rongo, Kenya?


9 Month Missionary Program (Europe and Kenya)

As you can see no our website AFCOE-Europe offers to qualified graduates the opportunity to participate in a 9-month Missionary Program. There is no other AFCOE program which offers this, but we believe it is very important stewardship of the training-investment to provide the young graduates at AFCOE-Europe with an opportunity to apply the evangelistic skills they have learned and to experience the joy of serving Him in His wide vineyard. The graduates receive a small stipend, tailored to the demonstrated needs of each, to help them as they labor for the Lord. If you want to donate for this most important work, and to encourage the young missionaries in their commitment, we will inform you of the work which could be carried out in this Program thanks to your donation!