Total Member Training

Are you praying for a revival in your own home church?

Do you want a fresh perspective on reaching your community? Are you struggling to share Jesus with others? Then you need this incredible AFCOE-Europe Local Revival intensive training program!

Get powerful insights into health evangelisminspiring decisionsreaching hearts in today’s culture, answering common objections, and so much more – all packed into three to four powerful days of affordable training and revival on-site at your local church!

AFCOE-Europe, on your local church´s request anywhere in Europe, will send a qualified Revival Team to your local church or group upon request to carry out this intensive and powerful 3 to 4 day program on a schedule to meet your local requirements.

What can you and your church group expect from AFCOE-Europe´s LOCAL REVIVAL PROGRAM?

– Dynamic, short-term, innovative training centered on friendship evangelism

– Highly motivated, instructors and assistants

– A revival experience to re-energize your faith in your church