AFCOE-Europe Missions

Hands-On Practical Application

For qualified AFCOE-Europe students who have successfully completed the 4½ month instruction and training, AFCOE-Europe offers the opportunity to participate in the AFCOE-Europe Missions Program. There will be a small stipend available, and the graduates making application for the Program will be asked to submit their individual project detailing where and how they propose to evangelize.

The Project proposals will be evaluated by the AFCOE-Europe staff in consultation with the applicant and will be finalized. If you want to deepen your knowledge in practical hands-on evangelism we offer you a chance to work in this missionary program. AFCOE-Europe Missions participants will also be active in the AFCOE-Europe Church Revival Programs which are conducted in many cities in Europe through workshop training in Outreach and Personal Evangelism. We cannot be revived if we do not share His Word with others as He has commanded us to do.

The AFCOE-Europe Missions Program may also provide an opportunity to assist students as an AFCOE-Europe and AFCOE-Kenya staff in subsequent courses.

AFCOE-Europe graduates in the Missionary Program have worked in many places in the Lord´s vineyard for example: Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Australia, and Turkey.

Really Reaching People for Jesus

This extended experience and hands-on application of your AFCOE-Europe training will enable you to deepen your knowledge of the topics learned during the 4½ months of instruction and will significantly help you to reach people successfully for Jesus Christ. Applications for the AFCOE-Europe Missions Program will be requested of qualifying students by the AFCOE-Europe staff in the second half of the AFCOE-Europe 4½ month course.

Check some of the places where our students have developed and are implementing their AFCOE-Europe Missions project