AFCOE-Europe in Kenya!

On the 15th of February 2015 the Lord made it possible for AFCOE-Europe to start Interactive Internet Instruction of our complete 4½ month training program in Rongo, Kenya. We at AFCOE-Europe were impressed to start this work in Kenya both because of the plain need for evangelistic training in the full Adventist Message in East Africa, and as well because we were not able to get visas for the many applicants from Kenya who wanted to attend AFCOE-Europe in Frankfurt.   One of our instructors in Frankfurt from 3ABN suggested that we consider expanding the reach of AFCOE-Europe through a webinar system of instruction. After much prayer it became clear: the Lord provided Martin Luther and the Reformers with Guttenberg´s moveable type to spread the Bible and the Reformation around Europe with incredible speed. And He has given us the internet in the end time to spread the 3 Angels Messages and the Adventist Message – and to provide evangelistic training to those in other areas to take the Message far beyond our own borders!

And what a blessing all of this has been and continues to be ! AFCOE-Europe, working closely with Jared Oreto and his team at Revival Time Ministry in Rongo, was actually able to acquire the land and set up living and instruction facilities in less than 4 weeks in early 2015 so that the first AFCOE-Europe Class could take start simultaneously with the Spring Class in Frankfurt on 15 February – a well was dug, fencing installed, cement slabs poured, building constructed, electricity brought to the site and internet installed! The speed with which this was done was only possible through Him Who provides everything!

And now, starting with the Spring Class 2016, AFCOE-Europe in Kenya will be increasing on-site instruction in Rongo in several topics, including health evangelism, Daniel and Revelation, to name a few. We have made already arrangements to bring instructors from the US and Europe directly to Rongo to provide this for the AFCOE-Europe students there starting in February 2016.

The work in Rongo, Kenya is part of AFCOE-Europe’s mission to train more workers in gospel and health evangelism to work in the Lord’s worldwide vineyard. Because we know that…

“With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Savior might be carried to the whole world!” E.G. White, Education page 271


Jared Oreto is the director of AFCOE-Kenya located in the city of Rongo. Jared is a highly experienced evangelist in Kenya whose ministry, Revival Time Ministry, brings the Word to thousands in evangelistic crusades and through inspirational song. Jared is also Chair of the Ranen Conference (Western Kenya) ASI Chapter.

Jared and students in the first AFCOE-Europe class translated several important books by Ellen White into the local areal lanugage (Luo). In cooperation with the Ellen G. White Foundation in Holland, Amazing Facts Europe e.V. arranged for the printing of the Great Controversy and Desire of Ages into the Luo language and thousands of copies have been printed and are being distributed in Western Kenya as part of the AFCOE-Europe students´ Outreach Program activities.

The AFCOE-Europe Graduates have been asked by Conference officials to conduct intensive evangelistic training meeting with principal lay members of the Adventist Church in the Ranen Conference. In addition, together with Jared several AFCOE-Europe/Kenya graduates will be providing broadcast material for the Ranen Conference Radio Station starting in December 2016 by recording messages and devotional talks to reach the broad area of Western Kenya and beyond! At the same time, Jared and his family operate a small Adventist Bookstore in Rongo making available Bibles, Bible studies, Ellen G. White materials and tracts to a wide public in Western Kenya.

The Staff of AFCOE-Europe in Rongo, Kenya, in addition to Jared, includes three of the AFCOE-Europe trained graduates from the first Class:   Lucy, Erick and Frederick, each of whom are fully involved in the work of AFCOE-Europe training but at the same time carry out separate ministry work in the community. Lucy is engaged in Campus Ministry at the University extension in Rongo, and Erick and Frederick are active in holding evangelistic series in the area.   This work is also part of the 9 MONTH MISSIONARY PROGRAM work offered to all qualified AFCOE-Europe graduates in Rongo.

We encourage all who are interest in the work of AFCOE-Europe in Kenya to visit the Facebook page and see the testimonies of students, look at the facilities, the wonderful garden, and follow the students and staff as they apply their evangelistic training to share the Word of Jesus Christ with others!