It is a high and holy calling to train soul-winners for eternity. The AFCOE team longs to see the work in Europe be blessed by effective soul-winners. Our vision is to see every church member knowledgeable and active in soul-winning, eager to hasten the coming of our Lord. If you share this vision, and are willing to cast your crowns in that cause, you might consider applying to be an AFCOE Elder.

In Revelation 4-5 the Bible introduces us to 24 mysterious elders around God’s throne. Much speculation has been done about their identity. Are they human, angelic or extraterrestrial beings? Regardless of the answer, it is more important to note what their role is. They are said to sit on thrones encircling the Almighty’s throne all dressed in white with golden crowns on their heads. They are deeply interested in God’s plans for the universe. The elders probably also have a role in the governance of the universe, as indicated by their title, crowns and thrones. In their hands they have harps and bowls of incense which is said to represent the prayers of the saints. It is safe to say that the 24 elders are interceding and praying beings. They are also worshipping beings. They fall down before the Father and the Lamb, using their harps to play and sing their praise for their creative and redemptive power day and night without ceasing. The elders are joyful and fully committed to God in every aspect of their lives. They are also self-sacrificing of their material wealth. It is said that, in their act of worship, the 24 elders “cast their crowns before the throne” (Revelation‬ ‭4:10‬). These heaven-dwelling beings find it a joy and privilege to cast everything they have before the feet of Yahweh to further His cause.

The AFCOE Europe program has been a tremendous blessing to many young people throughout the years. But we need your support to continue. We need your intercession and prayer, as well as your influence and financial support. In order to run each program we need to raise 300 000 crowns (Swedish currency, approximately 30 000 €). We are looking for 24 people who have the same characteristics as the 24 elders of Revelation – we frankly call them the 24 AFCOE Elders. We are looking for an exclusive group of people who are fully committed to Jesus, who are willing to intercede in prayer on behalf of AFCOE Europe’s students and staff continually; a group of 24 who believe that AFCOE Europe’s cause is God’s work and who are willing to cast 1000 crowns (ca 100€) per month (12000 SEK/year) towards that cause. This is not for everyone. This is an exclusive group of 24 people who are committed to the cause and who will function as members of the Roparna association that runs the AFCOE Europe program. In addition to the privilege of serving for one year, you will also receive exclusive updates and reports on the progress as well as being invited to the graduations and have a vote on the General Assembly meeting of the Roparna association. Becoming an AFCOE Elder is done by application pending an approval of the board in the form below.