Dr. Tim Riesenberger

Dr. Tim Riesenberger is a physician from Seattle, Washington US. He is constantly engaged by choice in hospital emergency room practice. He is going to instruct on the principles of health and tie him with all the distinct beliefs of the Adventist faith. Hew will also share from his extensive experience, critical aspects of using health principles in personal evangelism.

Brenda Walsh

Brenda Walsh is the general manager of the New 3ABN Kids Network in the United States. She will be spending a week instructing in the necessity of personal spiritual growth and in prayer. Miss Brenda, as she is affectionately called by children all over the world, will share with the students the tools to have success in God’s essential work of personal evangelism. Her instruction is designed to help the students to gain a more personal relationship with Jesus, because you cannot share with others what you do not have.

AFCOE-Europe 2019

We regret to announce that there will be no AFCOE-Europe session in 2019.

We understand how much disappointment this causes those who are seriously interested in attending the Afcoe-Europe Evangelism and Medical Missionary program this Spring. We recommend all new applicants to register for the 3 Month Online Decipleship course by Amazing Facts and we pray that you will not be discouraged by not being able to come to Afcoe-Europe in Portugal, but that you will receive the best training in serving and sharing the Truth of Jesus Christ with others. That is what AFCOE-Europe is all about and that is what our small team is dedicated to continue doing in 2019.

Please stay tuned for more info in the coming months and may God bless you!

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Ruben Fernandes

This week we will have Ruben Fernandes. He will be instructing on the emerging church movement. He is a very active evangelistic member of the church of Espinho in Portugal, who also runs a corporate enterprise in Porto. The topics he is going to elaborate are: contemplative prayer, spiritual formation and the biblical issues found in various developments within and outside the adventist church. The purpose of this instruction is to provide the students with a sound and solid basis from which to access deceptive practices which sometimes we face. His teaching is derived from the Bible and the spirit of prophecy standpoint.

Jón Steffanson

Last week we had Jón Steffanson from Iceland. Jón is a PhD candidate completing his thesis on Daniel 8. He instructed the students on the prophecies of Daniel. The purpose of his instruction was not to provide a theological education, but rather to provide landmarks and guideposts for the students to better communicate these important points to others who are seeking truth.

Sebastian Matula

Sebastian Matula, from Sweden and Hungary (now a pastor in Finland), will provide for the next two weeks extended instruction on Daniel and Revelation, prophecy and the Adventist faith. We will also be looking at the Three Angels’ Message and the seven phases of the judgement. Why we study Prophecy? Why the Book of Revelation?  What is the gospel? The hour of His judgement has come! Are you afraid of the judgement? The Prophetic Structure of Daniel and Revelation, Antichrist’s attack on the Sanctuary, Daniel 8 and the Sanctuary’s restoration, 1844 and the last days. What is worship in the context of the 1st Angels’ Message and creation. Revelation 17 and Babylon: “come out of her”, a New World Order and a new economic order; have you come out of her? Third Angels’ message and the end of time.