Health Expo in Santo Estêvao!

On the 8th of December the AFCOE-Europe students put on a Health Expo in the small village of Santo Estêvão where the AFCOE-Europe house is located. We teamed up with the major of the village and the local pharmacist to put on the Expo. We had about 20 people from the community come and go through the different stations. Each station had one or two of the AFCOE-Europe students and staff sharing about one of the 8 principles of Health. We checked the visitors’ BMI, the Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol, as well as giving massages and sharing some tasty vegan food! At the last station we spoke to the visitors about trust in God, and were able to share some small tracts or books as the conversation opened up.

Praise God for this opportunity to share with the people of the village! Since the health expo the people in Santo Estêvão have been more open to us! Keep praying for the students and staff as they minister to the people in this community!

Cooking Class in Benavente!

AFCOE-Europe put on a cooking class in the local Seventh-day Adventist church in Benavente. We had a number of guests and church members attending. We started with a Health Lecture on the pH of our bodies by Rafaela who is a staff at AFCOE-Europe.

After the health lecture, the students in teams of two, shared different simple plant-based receipies. A few of the recipes included, a smoothie, some vegan carob spread, and scrambled tofu. After the demonstrations the all the attendees received some samples of the food. Everything made was very good! Who ever said that vegan food isn’t good?