Month: May 2018

Ruben Fernandes

This week we will have Ruben Fernandes. He will be instructing on the emerging church movement. He is a very active evangelistic member of the church of Espinho in Portugal, who also runs a corporate enterprise in Porto. The topics he is going to elaborate are: contemplative prayer, spiritual formation and the biblical issues found in various developments within and outside the adventist church. The purpose of this instruction is to provide the students with a sound and solid basis from which to access deceptive practices which sometimes we face. His teaching is derived from the Bible and the spirit of prophecy standpoint.

Jón Steffanson

Last week we had Jón Steffanson from Iceland. Jón is a PhD candidate completing his thesis on Daniel 8. He instructed the students on the prophecies of Daniel. The purpose of his instruction was not to provide a theological education, but rather to provide landmarks and guideposts for the students to better communicate these important points to others who are seeking truth.