Month: April 2018

Sebastian Matula

Sebastian Matula, from Sweden and Hungary (now a pastor in Finland), will provide for the next two weeks extended instruction on Daniel and Revelation, prophecy and the Adventist faith. We will also be looking at the Three Angels’ Message and the seven phases of the judgement. Why we study Prophecy? Why the Book of Revelation?  What is the gospel? The hour of His judgement has come! Are you afraid of the judgement? The Prophetic Structure of Daniel and Revelation, Antichrist’s attack on the Sanctuary, Daniel 8 and the Sanctuary’s restoration, 1844 and the last days. What is worship in the context of the 1st Angels’ Message and creation. Revelation 17 and Babylon: “come out of her”, a New World Order and a new economic order; have you come out of her? Third Angels’ message and the end of time.


We went with the church to Benavente to distribute Outreach materials. It was a nice experience for us. And we were able to give out a lot of books.