Month: December 2017

An Answered Prayer of a Gypsy

“There is a problem…”

A couple days ago something very unexpected happened. A gypsy men with twenty years old, he showed his interest in start studying the Bible, “but”, he said, “there is a problem… I don’t know how to read”. He gave an explination to that, when he was a child he had some troubles in the school that hindered him from continuing to go to school, he started having kind of a trauma concerning this…

He was asked if he wanted help, that he could start learning how to read so that after some time he could start reading the Bible by himself! Immediately, he accepted and said that nowadays, he regrets about having that attitude, in the past, of leaving the school. He believes in God and told that he asked Him the following: “Lord, if You want me to learn how to read, please, bring someone able to help me” this prayer was one week before he finds a person that wanted to help him.

His cousin is eleven years old and both of them came for the Bible studies we’ve had, and Manuel (the young men, who is learning how to read) he never misses his classes, he had three classes already and by God’s grace it’s possible to see some progress during the classes! All this has been a blessing for all of us.

If you had the opportunity to read this testimony is because you have this skill of reading, why not enjoying it and why not spend more quality time reading the love letter God left us?

God answers the prayers of His beloved ones, He answers according to His perfect will because He knows what is the best! May we keep all this in our prayer lists.

“For every one that asketh receiveth (…) ”Matthew 7:8

Learning More

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Recently, we had a Bible study, here at the AFCOE house, with the children that have been studying the word of God, since May 2017 approximately. One of the guys, that never attended to any Bible study, he decided to come for the first time, nobody was expecting him to come!

We had a simple and dynamic study about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and all of them participated answering and asking questions about what we were studying. They were very happy and attentive and it seemed they didn’t want to leave, but wanted to learn more and more…

We are thankful to God and we want to continue to be efficient tools in His hands. Do you wish the same?