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Apply online now for the Spring 2018 Evangelistic Training Program, in Portugal starting 8 April 2018 to become an effective soul winner for the Lord in His worldwide vineyard!

Because AFCOE-Europe seeks to maintain a close interactive relationship between instructors and students, we limit the class size to a maximum of 10 students.

Instruction is given in a seminar-like environment, unlike a conventional classroom, which enables the students to engage in discussion of all topics instructed on a daily basis with the given instructor.  At the same time, the small class size is designed and intended to foster close team-work relationships among students who work together in all aspects of the Gospel and Health Training — whether in class, during outreach, hosting health or Gospel events, or working in the garden at the AFCOE-Europe facility.

Apply now to be trained at our location in Santo Estevao, Portugal!

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